Talent Development

PPS continuously enhances its technical skills and aims to excel in carrying out its services. With this in mind, PPS trains its staff to gain diverse cleaning skills and implement safety and environmental principles during their services.

With a large-scale training center holding the most advanced equipments and multiple simulation work environments for practice (e.g. hotel rooms, offices and other numerous public places, etc.), employees of different sectors are able to gain first-hand experience for their jobs. Moreover, guidance from experienced instructors lets employees have a deeper understanding of their duties and the work-flow, which helps them quickly adapt at their jobs assignment.

Comprehensive Training

Apart from extensive pre-employment and on-the-job training, we also carry out regular work assessments and client liaison work to ensure that the quality of our services maintain at the highest standard.

On job cleaning training
Quarterly assessments on cleaning performance
Specialized customer service training
Regular cleaning training
Daily team briefings
Regular site inspections and assessments
Six Service Standards
Communication skills
Working attitude
Quality knowledge
Customer service
Emphasis on Talent
Emphasis on training – we consider our staff as important assets
Right man for the right job – we have established a recognition mechanism
High transparency – we have implemented an advanced management system
Safety Management
Strict compliance with government rules and regulations
Periodic inspection of equipments and machinery
Hiring of qualified external safety consultancy firm
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