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Hotel Housekeeping, Public Area and Kitchen Cleaning Services

We are qualified and highly recommended in providing comprehensive environmental services to international luxury hotels. Services range from human resources management to hiring of frontline staff to reduce the burden of hotel clients. Contracting of whole hotels or designated floors housekeeping services, public area cleaning services and overnight kitchen cleaning services is possible.

Housekeeping Services

Establishment of training centers and offers staff with stimulated housekeeping training and practice, arrangement of resident room attendants, supervisors and housekeeping managers.

Public Area Cleaning Services

Cater to the needs of lobby and recreational areas cleaning, giving the public areas a brand new look.

Kitchen Cleaning Services

We use the proper tools to clean the kitchens and remove oil, waste and dirt stains. Staff are familiar with kitchen equipments and their maintenance requirements, ensuring the smooth operation and increase the efficiency of kitchen services at all times.

High Level and Exterior Wall Cleaning Services

Our professional and experienced specialist offer a cleaning solution for any type of exterior wall and complete a thorough risk assessment prior to commencing any high level and exterior wall cleaning operation. We will comply and provide a higher and stringent quality service in working with different materials and external environment. Our operators are equipped with relevant certifications and comply with safety standard.

Carpet Cleaning and Protection Services

PPS adopts the best carpet cleaning technology for all carpets from dry or shampoo deep cleaning by preserving the carpet at optimum appearances.

  • ‧Carpet Dry Cleaning Services
  • ‧Carpet Shampoo Deep Cleaning Services
  • ‧Carpet Protection Services

Waste Management and Recycling Services

We adopt sustainable means for waste disposal services without disturbing business and residential schedules. Additionally, we strictly adhere to environmental principles and government legislation.

PPS equipped with a one-stop waste disposal team aimed to reduce waste, there are various types of vehicles including compactor trucks, hook-lift trucks and skip trucks to manage waste disposal operation. To provide recycling services with the classification system. Vehicles are fully sealed and complies with environmental regulations.

Marble/Granite Protection and Restoration Services

We equipped with professional technicians to clean, restore, and carry out maintenance work of various types of stones including marble, granite and synthetic stone.

Pest Control Services

Our experienced team can rapidly control pests from getting worse with their knowledge of advanced and environmentally friendly technologies.

A panel of pest control experts will provide emergency pest control services, all staff are professionally recognized and all pesticides are approved by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.

Pre Move-in and Initial Cleaning Services

We provide post-renovation and pre move-in cleaning services, allowing tenant a livable and comfortable environment:

  • ‧Post Renovation Cleaning Services
  • ‧Pre Move-in Cleaning Services
  • ‧Waste and Renovation Materials Disposal Services

Retail Shop and Office Cleaning Services

We will tailor-made low impact cleaning schedule to accommodate shops and offices’ needs. We will adopt the most diligent and reliable cleaning services to allow our clients to enjoy a comfortable working environment.

Disinfection and Deodorizing Serivces

Improved of air quality by removal of toxic and pungent odours, particularly for air conditioner systems.

Food Waste Management Services

We adopt considerate means for handling food waste. Additionally, we will ensure adherence to a set of environmental principles and use food waste to generate fertilizers.

Grease Trap Clearing Services

Our team of professional will handle grease trap clearing with care and ensure it meets the highest level of standard of food and beverages establishment:

  • ‧Regular maintenance and clearing of grease traps and tanks
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